You may want to choose one or two particular bills to focus on in addition to clean energy. Washington Climate Legislative Information is a website that highlights the principal climate related bills up for action in this session.
That page lists ten bills that are having hearings this month including major ones like 100% clean electricity, siting energy facilities and meeting targets in the Paris Accords and more specific initiatives like protecting utility customers rights to use self-generated power.

You could read up on the bill or bills that most interest you by clicking on the Bill number on that page to see a summary of the bill, who is sponsoring it, what committee it has been assigned to, the date of the next hearing, the next step in the process and any reports from the Committee explaining the bill.

Doing this work together is always more fun and usually more effective, so see if you can find another person, SSCAN member or not, to go to our legislators and push for the bill at the Lobby Day and afterwards.

Once you have picked a bill, here are some additional sources of information that will be helpful:
1. Go here :
2. Enter the bill number and then click on search. After you reach the relevant page, you can click on Get Email Notifications and Comment on this Bill on the right side of the page.
3. Then see what committee your bill is in.Committee members can be found by clicking on the name of the committee.
4. List of Senate Committees:
5. List of House Committees
7. Email addresses for all committee members can be found here.
8. Write or call the relevant committee members urging support for the bills
9. Join us in Olympia to advocate for your bill.

Good bills get passed when the legislature is convinced that the voting public, particularly in the individual legislator’s district, is solidly behind the solution that the bill proposes. Individual contacts in person, by mail, over the internet or by phone all count. Personal contacts are often the most effective. The Lobby Day gives us the opportunity to speak to individual legislators or their key staff on the bills that we care about.

For more information, contact Lang Marsh, langmarsh at