Hello Friends,
Please join me in sending letters to our Port Commissioners! Join our campaign: “2050 is Too Late for Voluntary Cruise Ship Reform”.
The Port of Seattle has responded to local outcry against continued support of toxic cruise ships by collaborating with the industry to create a so-called “Green Corridor” to reduce cruise’s massive greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, this plan is too little, too late. The Green Corridor would allow at least another 28 years of these giant ships burning fossil fuels, harming our health and exacerbating the climate crisis.
Furthermore, the plan does nothing to address dirty dumping practices polluting waterways along the route to Alaska; ship noise harming endangered orcas; flags of convenience that allow worker exploitation and avoidance of federal taxes; the large greenhouse gas footprint of cruise passenger airline flights. Also, it will be voluntary for cruise companies to participate in Green Corridor initiatives! We know that voluntary and non-binding agreements like this one will never bring about the necessary changes to this for-profit industry.
Send a letter today letting the Port of Seattle know that we need meaningful and effective actions now, instead of incremental changes that keep the cruise industry happy at the expense of our communities, waters and climate. Learn more at SeattleCruiseControl.org
Can you join me and write a letter (its actually written for you)
In Solidarity,