Forest fires, floods, crumbling bridges, toxic rivers, anxious children, unhoused elders…will we, can we Build Back Better?

SSCAN is happy to co-sponsor, with PSARA – Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action – a webinar featuring Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal discussing the status and content of President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation.

Join us on this webinar on Tuesday, January 25, from 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Unlike cable news which tends to emphasize controversy between the parties, this webinar provides us with an opportunity to learn what is in the bill. Specifically, what are the safety net and climate policies in the proposal and how are they meant to strengthen workers, our families, and our communities? And how will the policies be funded?

This is a unique opportunity for us to learn and to ask questions about an important piece of legislation and what we can do to help.

Please let us know if you will attend, if you have any questions and whether you’d like to help work with us to pass Green New Deal policies. Send us an email at

To register for the webinar, click here:

See you there,

Beth and SSCAN leaders