The South Seattle Climate Action Network is a community of concerned citizens who seek to elevate the importance of climate justice via community building, educating our elected officials, and partnering with allied organizations.  We also seek to develop strong relationships with our South Seattle State Legislators to support meaningful environmental and climate legislation, and to promote a sustainable and equitable future for our people and the planet.


  • A just and thriving community in South Seattle for all residents and businesses.
  • A local economy that serves the needs of people and nature first.
  • The elimination of disproportionate impacts of economic activity and environmental degradation on people because of their age, income, race, gender, religion, or national origin.


  • We work with local groups and state and local officials on both state and local economic, environmental and social justice issues and policies.
  • We use the tools of community organizing, political advocacy, information sharing, collaboration, and networking.


  • We consider climate change to be the primary moral challenge of our times.
  • We believe all citizens have an obligation to play a role in addressing this existential challenge.
  • We believe in the power of grassroots organizing to create the necessary momentum to deal with this challenge.
  • We believe that the needs of those who are most vulnerable must be prioritized and that our work needs to be grounded in climate justice rather than environmental-ism. We appreciate the guidance and wisdom of other social justice organizations and we use the definition of climate justice from Commit2Respond to center our work.
  • We acknowledge the pre-eminent role of science in dictating carbon reduction targets.