Understanding Climate Change

Climate and Environmental Research and Analysis: http://www.sightline.org/

Ted Talks on Climate: http://www.ted.com/topics/climate+change

Effective Communication on Climate Change

Tested Messaging for Engaging on Climate Change & Clean Energy:   http://www.climatenarrative.org/about/

EcoAmerica provides research and reports for”Eco-Climate Communication Professionals” with titles such as “Communicating the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change.

Climate Outreach has designed resources meant to be practical tools for anyone interested in communicating about climate change more effectively (see links below). Their team operates internationally, but is based out of the U.K.

Calendar of Climate Events

A Calendar of Events and Legislative Actions:    http://cascadiaclimateaction.org/

Advocacy Tools

Washington Environmental Council Grassroots Advocacy Training Videos: https://wecprotects.org/programs/educating-voters/grassroots-101-workshop/