Transit allies recommend: Vote Yes on Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1:               “This summer the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to place a measure on the November ballot that would preserve most bus service in the city and on some intercity routes. Revenue comes from a 0.1% sales tax increase and a $60 vehicle license fee. While this measure is sorely needed to keep transit as a viable system in our city, it is far from perfect. We stand with the Transit Riders Union in objecting to the fact that the Council chose to fund the measure with a regressive sales tax, ignoring more progressive options. Make no mistake, the anticipated revenue will not maintain service at pre-pandemic levels. Transit service will stay fairly low by most measures. But transit is essential — people rely on it, and it is the ecological, affordable transportation we need.  So vote yes, and, next time, help the campaign for a more progressive revenue source, better service, and cheaper fares” submitted by Andrew Kidde, SSCAN, 350 Seattle, and Rainier Valley Greenways Safe Streets chair.