From CAT: Climate Action Team, 

2020 Session, the passed and the failed:
The Civic Action Team emails featured 32 bills, and at this point, 9 have passed.

Bills that actually passed!
These are the winners. Thanks for thanking the sponsors!

SB 5323, Plastic Bags
SB 5811, Clean Car Standards (Zero Emission Vehicles)
SB 5947, Sustainable Farms and Fields
SB 6617, Accessory Dwelling Units

HB 1261, Suction Dredge Mining
HB 1847, Aircraft Noise Abatement
HB 2311, Climate Pollution Limits
HB 2405, Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy
HB 2518, Natural Gas Transmission

Bills that died in the second lap
These bills got part way through their second chamber but didn’t get a floor vote.

SB 6278, Bottled Water Production – died in House Rural Development.
SB 6213, Polystyrene Products – died in House Environment, allegedly in a trade for passing the plastic bag bill.
SB 6432, Offshore Oil Extraction – died in Rules.

HB 2427, Climate Change as a Goal of the Growth Management Act – died in Senate Local Government; more about it here.
HB 2768, Urban and Community Forestry – died in Rules
HB 2957, Greenhouse Gases (Clean Air Rule) — we hear it’s dead, despite provisions delaying local climate action which were added to get votes.

Bills that almost finished the first lap
These got to the Rules Committee in their chamber of origin, but didn’t get a floor vote.

HB 2570, Accessory Dwelling Units (Senate version moved forward)
HB 2586, Electrification of Homes and Buildings

SB 6536, Single-Family Zones
SJM 8006, Nuclear War Checks and Balances

Bills that died young
With one exception, these bills had one hearing, but were never voted on. There are good ideas here — many will be back next year. Want to help support them over the summer? Drop us a line, or get in touch with the primary sponsor.

HB 2515, Electrification of Transportation (Rep. Macri)
HB 2549, Integrating Salmon Recovery With Growth Management (Rep. Lekanoff)
HB 2550, Net Ecological Gain (Rep. Lekanoff) (more about the bill here)
HB 2667, Residential Energy Codes (which we opposed, so yay)
HB 2688, Transportation for All (Rep. Shewmake)
HB 2744, Buy Clean, Buy Fair (Rep. Doglio)
HB 2829, Declaring a Climate Emergency (Rep. Kirby)

SB 6398, Transportation for All (Sen. Saldana)
SB 6454, Salmon Habitat Planning (Sen. Salomon)
SB 6496, Electrification of Homes and Buildings (Sen. Lovelett)

Bills that were uncontroversial
With broad support, we thought these bills didn’t need our help. They all passed.

(The numbers are the bill’s chamber of origin roll call: Support – Oppose – Absent – Excused.)

HB 2343, Urban Housing (93-2-0-3)
HB 2528, Forest Products and Climate (95-0-0-3)
HB 2645, Photovoltaic Modules (95-1-0-2)
HB 2714, Riparian Easement Carbon Value (96-0-0-2)

SB 6091, Food Policy Forum, (45-0-0-4)
SB 6135, System Reliability/Energy, (47-0-0-2)
SB 6306, Soil Health Initiative, (47-0-0-2)
SB 6430, Industrial Waste Program, (48-0-0-1)

Bills alive for fiscal reasons: TBD
These bills will get votes, or not, in this final week of session.
HB 1110, Clean Fuels
HB 2248, Community Solar