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Hi Friends,

You now have your ballot and it is time to Vote YES for 1631. Please mail your ballot – no stamp needed – or drop it into a ballot box then talk to friends, family, and neighbors about voting and sending ballots as soon as they can. If you can spare time, sign up with the Yes on 1631 campaign to doorbell voters. There are canvassing opportunities every day until the election. Go to

If you have questions, please contact Beth at 206-913-9675.  Thanks!

And if you have a chance, please email your friends and ask them to support Initiative 1631. Feel free to cut and paste from this email template. This is easy AND important.

We, at SSCAN, know that taking action is a way for us to choose hope. We want to be able to tell our friends, family and children that we are working to try and preserve a habitable planet. We do this with love and we do this in community because we know that in hard times, we need to laugh and hold our hopes and fears together.

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