If you vote in the 37th LD, you can vote for Climate Champions in the state legislative primary election.
Ballots were mailed out Friday, July 17th. Be sure to mail in your ballot by Tuesday, Aug. 4th. No stamp needed!

Because State Rep. Eric Pettigrew has retired, there is an open seat for State LD Position 2. One candidate, Kirsten Harris-Talley. has received the endorsements of the 37th Legislative District Environmental and Climate Caucus and 350 Seattle Action and many organizations. Here is what 350 Seattle Action said: “We are heartened to see the field of strong candidates running for the open seat for Representative in District 37, Position 2. One, Andrea Caupain, has suspended her campaign in order to continue her work in the community. And while we admire and appreciate Chukundi Salisbury’s longstanding engagement with his community, we found Kirsten Harris-Talley, also a community organizer, to be a potentially more effective legislator, with a strong climate justice perspective and a broader view of policy. We particularly appreciate her enthusiastic endorsement of the Seattle Green New Deal.” Kirsten is a PTA mom, activist, coalition-builder, policy expert, and a former policy maker. She’s held positions in organization development and built powerful social change as an interim Seattle City Councilmember in 2017. She’s also the current Interim Executive Director at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. Her service in the community includes roles with: Friends of Hawthorne PT, State Innovation Exchange (SiX), Upstream Washington, #NoNewYouthJail. For more information, go to www.electkht.org

For District 37, Position 1, a long time climate action leader, John Stafford is running. Here is how 350 Seattle Action describes the choices: “Incumbent Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos has been in the state legislature for over 20 years. However she has never been a climate champion and has been unresponsive to constituents’ concerns on climate. Challenger John Stafford is a substitute teacher who is also a climate policy wonk. He would bring fresh energy to the district and a strong climate policy lens to the state legislature. Stafford has won the respect of climate advocates and is committed to developing policies that address the disproportionate impacts of pollution while also addressing the needs of his community”. Stafford has also been endorsed by 37th LD Climate and Environmental Caucus and the Humane Voters of Washington. For more information about his experience, articles, Substantive Saturday recordings, etc. go to: http://www.staffordforstaterepresentative.org/about-me.html

As SSCAN Co-chair Anne Miller says, “It’s rare that candidates run as climate champions. It’s rare that politicians are explicit about their policy positions on topics that range from how to address our homeless crisis, to our regressive tax structure, to demilitarizing the police, to decarbonizing our economy. John’s willingness to study issues in depth and his broad understanding of the ways that economic, racial and climate justice are connected will be important in Olympia.”