It’s fantastic to see that REI has endorsed I-1631. Washington is of course REI’s home state and although the company maintains a strongly non partisan position it nevertheless wants to get involved in matters that relate to the outdoors and to its community of Washingtonians. REI sites an interesting parallel case of making a decision today that can have a huge impact in the longer term. Over a hundred years ago a small number of people lobbied hard to have land set aside for future generations to enjoy as national parks. That of course turned out to be a really good idea which benefits all of us today. REI argues that I-1631 could have similar beneficial outcomes and this is now our opportunity to pay it forward.
Like so many other Washingtonians we are regular customers of REI. Usually big corporations are not that willing to put their weight behind initiatives like this so it is very encouraging to read of REI’s endorsement of I-1631. Thank you!

– Susan & Merv Montacute

You can learn more about REI’s endorsement here: