Sample letter to Port Commissioners:

Dear Port Commissioners:

As you begin 2021, please make a New Years Resolution to listen to surrounding communities and climate science and re-think expansion plans for SeaTac Airport.

Thanks to your past work the Port of Seattle is a sustainability leader in multiple areas! But pending plans for airport expansion have ignored the harmful increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new aviation activity. The current expansion plan will exacerbate the serious harm aviation emissions cause our climate.

To meet climate goals and avert an even greater climate crisis, aviation must be reduced — not expanded.

The expansion plan will also cause greater harm to neighboring communities. Aviation is a major source of air and noise pollution, which are linked to life-threatening health conditions. This is an environmental injustice: the communities closest to the airport that take the brunt of this pollution are far more diverse and poorer than King County as a whole.

You have an opportunity to make the Port a leader in sustainability in this critical decade for climate action before 2030. Please direct Port staff to measure airport expansion impacts on county and state climate goals, and please halt airport expansion until there is a carbon-neutral way to fly.

Please reply with your position.