Please write to the Mayor and City Council members urging them to protect Jump Start funds for climate resilience, affordable homes and services.

Here is a sample letter from SSCAN leaders from November 7, 2022

Dear City Council member,

Please uphold the promise made to communities by protecting JumpStart investments. Do not allow the Mayor’s proposal to misappropriate how JumpStart dollars are spent in the future.

We urge you to defend the resources our communities expected to see when we supported the JumpStart legislation in 2020. JumpStart created new resources for affordable housing and homelessness services, equitable development, economic revitalization, and climate resilience. These investments are intended for community-driven programs that center low income BIPOC workers and families in creating an equitable and thriving city.


JumpStart should not be used to backfill budget deficits that continue to prioritize policing and punishment systems. Keep your commitments to BIPOC communities by ensuring that JumpStart revenues are not diverted to be used for filling Seattle Police Department’s budget or increasing sweeps of communities experiencing homelessness. Don’t allow the Mayor to defund JumpStart!

To keep the public trust, we urge you to keep your commitment to invest these earmarked funds for affordable homes and climate justice. For other urgent needs, please find other sustainable, progressive revenue from those who can most afford it. Do not rely on regressive tax sources such as sales and property taxes that hurt those who can least afford it.


Thank you,