from Andrea, Seattle Cruise Control:
Hi Folks,
It’s getting harder to ignore.  Devastating floods in Pakistan and Kentucky, megadrought in China, 2020 Australian wildfires found to have damaged the Earth’s ozone layer.  The world is at risk and we must step up to speak for the planet and protect each other.
One way to speak for the Earth is to speak out against mega cruise ships.  We’ll be having our last action of the season 10/1/22 in the morning.
Seattle Cruise control is a dedicated group of individuals keeping tabs on the local cruise industry and calling out greenwashing both from the industry and from the port.  From their website:
We came together in 2019 to urge cancellation of the Port of Seattle’s proposed Terminal 46 cruise ship project, thereby responding to the climate crisis and protecting the environment, marine wildlife, public health, workers’ rights, and communities affected by increased flights and over-tourism in coastal communities from Seattle to Alaska. Our current focus is on updating the Port’s priorities to switch to climate-friendly and equitable industries. To that end we call on the Port to stop renewing cruise ship leases as we transition to a Cruise Free Salish Sea.
They are a hardworking and, as I said, dedicated group of people.  Our joint actions with members of 350 Seattle, Extinction Rebellion and other concerned citizens give Seattle Cruise Control support and hope that we can win this David vs. Goliath battle.
Please show your support for the earth, for the Salish Sea, for activism and for your own ability to tilt the scales in the right direction.  Join us on October 1st to be a thorn in the side of the cruise industry and the port that is supporting this destructive enterprise.
We’ll be doing a smorgasbord of activities from chanting to leafleting about the dangers of cruises and their effect on the animals of the Salish Sea.  We have tons of signage including cruise ‘warning’ signs and Sea animals with written calls to protect the Salish Sea.  We have chants and songs, Orca and dolphin costumes, prepared speeches. We’ll be joined by the Red Rebels.  We’re working on some beautiful music too.
What we need is you!  Our actions are fun, empowering and safe.
We’re meeting on Mondays at 7:30 pm each week for a brief time to update each other on our progress in preparing for 10/1.  If you download the signal app on your phone I can add you to the signal thread. If you don’t have signal but would like to join the meeting, I can send you the zoom invite also. Call me! Text me! Email me! See below.
The earth is crying out for help.
Please join us,
Andrea, 206-240-3996
P.S.  I would love some sort of response to this email– then at least I know you received it and read it.  Thanks!