From Seattle 350 Transportation leaders:
Dear South Seattle leaders!
Please comment on the Seattle Transportation Plan Survey & Map. The responses in South Seattle are much lower there than in the north, but of course we know that many folks in the south could use better sidewalks, protected bike lanes and more frequent transit.
This is a once-in-20-years opportunity to improve local transportation and to take major action against climate change! And on Saturday the Survey closes, so now’s the time to act!
SDOT’s survey solicits input on the Seattle Transportation Plan (STP), which will shape the next 20 years of local transportation investments — transportation  is 60% of climate emissions here! Your input could help build more sidewalks, bike lanes, electric buses, etc.
Can you tell SDOT your priorities and challenges when navigating Seattle?
Be sure to take the full survey – the last page has great questions!
Need climate-friendly language for survey?
Extra credit: add pins to this interactive map to identify gaps & danger zones in our bike, sidewalk and transit networks!
Thanks so much,
Ingrid and Andrew
350 Seattle