Have you heard that that the U.S. Senate has approved funds to start testing new nuclear weapons?
The wise people of Nevada and the world have asked us to speak up to stop Congress from funding nuclear weapons testing in the next military budget.

Here is one statement:
We, as Nevadans, and allies out of state, oppose the reinvigorating of the Nevada National Security Site and oppose the return to full-scale nuclear weapons testing. We believe in working toward the well-being of all living beings including Mother Earth, which is not congruent with the death-making of nuclear war and nuclear weapons.

Communities in Nevada know the consequences of nuclear testing. Fallout of above-ground nuclear testing in the Yucca Flats/Nevada Test Site was carried through westerly winds directly through St. George and southern Utah. Marked increases in cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, bone cancer, brain tumors, and gastrointestinal tract cancers, were reported from the mid-1950s through 1980 for downwinders of the Test Site. Underground explosions ended in 1992, but radioactivity remains in the environment, making the site one of the most radioactively contaminated locations in the United States.

The recent $10 Million dollars authorized by the Senate Armed Services Committee along with the Administration’s tweets and security officials’ statements towards the possibility of reinvigorating testing is not just traumatizing, it’s dangerous.

In the context of this pandemic that has already claimed over 100,000 lives, it is unacceptable and disgraceful to spend funds desperately needed for COVID-19 testing, medical supplies, and healthcare, on nuclear weapons testing.

The storage of this high-level radioactive waste stored in the Yucca Mountain site also poses health risks for surrounding communities. The Western Shoshone Nation still owns the land the test site is on, and Yucca Mountain, as the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley is broken by the US government. The Western Shoshone Nation has demonstrated much resilience over the years as it continues to fight against this project. They opposed this project on both cultural and scientific grounds and as an example of environmental racism.

We stand with communities affected by decades of health and environmental risks from nuclear testing and urge the House of Representatives and Senate to cease any spending and discussion of this possibility to reinvest this funding in community health and well-being.

Nevada Desert Experience