How can we protect our homes and air from the threat of escalating aviation noise and emissions?

Here is a press release from our Representative Adam Smith, challenging the proposal released on May 20, 2019, in Washington, D.C. –

Congressman Adam Smith submitted written testimony to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, highlighting the effects of aviation noise and emissions for residents in communities around airports.
“As to the Representative for one of the busiest and fastest-growing hub airports in the country, Sea-Tac International Airport, I see every day the effects aviation has on residents living nearby airports. Congress must act to reduce the impacts felt by surrounding areas while ensuring that our airports remain vital economic engines. As we focus restoring and improving our infrastructure, we must mitigate the impacts on the environment and Americans.”
In the 115th Congress, Rep. Smith introduced the Aviation Impacted Communities Act, legislation that designates communities under flight paths as “aviation impacted”. That legislation codifies into law, a process for communities to better interface with the FAA. It also gives these communities the ability to petition the FAA for impact studies.
Additionally, Rep. Smith voiced his concerns about the health effects of ultrafine particles (UFPs), miniscule particles that are less than 100 microns in diameter and that have been known to be detrimental to human health. His legislation, which was recently introduced in the 116th Congress, mandates a national study on UFPs around several of the nation’s busiest airports.