The North Rainier – Mt Baker Hub Living Community Challenge

The North Rainier transit zone may present Seattle’s best opportunity to achieve a model transit oriented community, fulfilling the progressive goals of our City: affordability, diversity, environmental justice, economic development and opportunity, walkability and bikeability — in short, livability for future generations. But the window of opportunity is closing fast. The undeveloped North Rainier Urban Village is on the cusp of a wave of massive development and without a community presence asking for what they want and deserve, the goals of the community may remain unfulfilled. It is for this reason that, in 2016 community stakeholders, including SSCAN members, registered the area for the Living Community Challenge which provides a guiding framework for sustainable, equitable development.

Because of its close proximity to downtown, the numerous underdeveloped or vacant properties, the existing transit center and its ethnically and culturally diverse community, North Rainier is an ideal location for a model Living Community. As evidenced by the 2010 North Rainier Neighborhood Plan Update, there is also broad consensus among stakeholders that the area become a Sustainability Hub, with green jobs and training, green development, a Living Building Pilot Project, and green infrastructure which supports business development and the diversity that is an integral part of the neighborhood.  For more information on this initiative or to learn about opportunities to get involved, please contact

Supporting Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Seattle

Seattle adopted a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 (see 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan report), but its annual carbon reduction rates are not on target to rch that goal.  We know from other movements that citizens are effective when they organize to hold our city government accountable, so SSCAN is working with 350Seattle to provide oversight on the city’s progress towards carbon neutrality in a number of domains including Building Policies.  For more information on how to get involved in this effort, please contact