In 2015, a group of friends who were all volunteering with the South Seattle Climate Action Network came together and decided that we would start our own Meaningful Movies venue. We wanted to show films about environmental issues but we also recognized that oppressions are inextricably linked and that the values that have resulted in the degradation of people through slavery, colonization, genocide, and mass incarceration are the same values that have led to environmental degradation and climate change. At our Mt Baker Meaningful Movies venue we show films about many social justice issues because we understand that these issues are linked. In the past two years, we have shown films about climate change, mass incarceration, racism, consumerism, gay rights, women’s rights, toxic chemicals and other important topics. And at each of those movies, people came together to think deeply about the issues raised and ways to move forward. This is what building community is all about.

The South Seattle Climate Action Network is working with the Meaningful Movies Project to coordinate monthly screenings of social justice documentaries in South Seattle.

The Mt Baker Meaningful Movies are normally scheduled for the last Thursday of the month, starting at 6:30 PM and are located at the Mt Baker Community Club.

For more details about our next movie, please visit our events page. If you want to help plan or run the Mt Baker Meaningful Movies series, please write to