SSCAN supports the work of Plant for the Planet USA and Future Voters for 350ppm. Youth members of both of these local organizations have been involved in lawsuits demanding that their constitutional right to a healthy environment and a stable climate be upheld. SSCAN co-sponsored a Plant for the Planet Academy in West Seattle in October 2016 and continue to work with these amazing young leaders on various local campaigns and actions. SSCAN also supports the work of young adult climate action leaders who started the Future Voters for 350 organization which advocates for legislative policy to address our climate crisis. We take road-trips to Olympia when they need to testify at hearings, work together on local school campaigns and support them as they push forward on both political and personal fronts to try and combat climate change.

SSCAN believes it is critical to ensure access to climate education to our children and youth.  We are currently working to advance this agenda in Seattle schools through more formal channels via the city council. Please contact for more information about our work in this area.