Who will you vote for on August 2nd?

Have you heard about the open seat in the 37th L.D.?

Here are some of the candidates and contact information.

We urge you to contact them about your interests including climate and ask for their plans and commitments.

If you plan to host or hear of any candidate forums, please contact us to publicize it.

Thanks, admin@southseattleclimate.org


9th Congressional District Candidates

Adam Smith  http://www.electadamsmith.com/

Stephanie Gallardo  http://www.electgallardo.com/

37th Legislative District Pos. 2: Candidates:

Andrew Ashiofu  http://www.andrewfor37.org/

Emijah Smith, info@electemijah.com

Chipalo Street  http://electchipalo.com/

Nimco Bulale  http://electnimcobulale.com/