From the Pass the FederalGND Coalition:

We sent the attached letters to congressional reps and the two senators this week.  I am sending you a list of the aides that were e-mailed so that if you or members of your organizations want to call you will know who got the news!
Sen. Cantwell:  Anna Conroy and Jami Burgess
Sen Murray:  Kendra Issacson, Evan Schatz, Mindi Linquist
Rep DelBene:  Molly Keenan, Kyle Hill
Rep Larsen: Adam Lemieux, Terra Sabag
Rep Kilmer: Andrea Roper, Rahel Kelly
Rep Jayapal:  Rachel Berkson, Gautan R.  ( She was thanked)
Rep Schrier:  Maria Leininger, Erin O’Quinn
Rep Smith:  Sarah Servin, Shana Chandler
Rep Heck:  Lauren Adler, Brendan Woodbury