Over time, I have come to believe that the answer to apathy is hope and the answer to fear is action and being in community can bring hope and spur people to take action. We need to build community and, as neighbors and friends, we need to have conversations about important, tough issues. The Meaningful Movies Project is an incredible way to support this type of community building!

Two years ago, a group of friends who were all volunteering with the South Seattle Climate Action Network came together and decided that we would start our own Meaningful Movies venue. We wanted to show films about environmental issues but we also recognized that oppressions are inextricably linked and that the values that have resulted in the degradation of people through slavery, colonization, genocide, and mass incarceration are the same values that have led to environmental degradation and climate change. At our Mt Baker Meaningful Movies venue we show films about many social justice issues because we understand that these issues are connected. In the past two years, we have shown films about climate change, mass incarceration, racism, consumerism, gay rights, women’s rights, toxic chemicals and other important topics. And at each of those movies, people came together to think deeply about the issues raised and ways to move forward. This is what building community is all about.

I believe that we need to create spaces where people get to know one another and talk about important issues and the challenges that our communities are dealing with. If we can find spaces where we can hold the challenges of our world and where we can hold each other’s pain, I think that will also help us to love, laugh, dance, sing together and hopefully fight for each other and our planet. Over time, we’ve made some incredible friends at our local Mt Baker Meaningful Movies venue, we’ve met amazing guest speakers and we’ve shown some wonderful, inspiring films. I work with a lot of different non-profits and this is an organization that I believe is unique, because it really does educate people about tough issues, advocate for positive change and build stronger community. Neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, one conversation at a time… that is how we will learn to love and understand and, if need be, fight for each other.

Right now we are looking for new volunteers so that we can expand and strengthen the work that we are doing at our local Mt Baker Meaningful Movies Venue, as well as the larger umbrella organization. If you are interested in supporting this work, please contact us at admin@southseattleclimate.org

Training is available for our volunteer opportunities.  If you already have some of these skills, all the better!  Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Selecting films
  • Conduct AV tech at events
  • Coordinate with our umbrella organization (the Meaningful Movies Project)
  • Publicity (social media, press releases, distribution of flyers)
  • Writing blog posts
  • MC events
  • Fundraising*
  • Outreach

*All Meaningful Movies venues are run by volunteers and all the movies that we show are free and open to the public. We ask for donations to pay for things like screening rights, snacks, advertising materials etc. We also support the Meaningful Movies Project umbrella organization so that it can support new venues that are just starting out and that need help with all of the things that were previously mentioned as well as equipment, room rentals, understanding copyright laws etc.

-Anne Miller