Move your money! Stop Banks Funding Fossil Fuels!  

On Capitol Hill, Tuesday, March 21st, climate activist elders and others spoke, sang, and marched to send a message to local banks to stop funding fossil fuels. They urged banks to stop risking savings and deposits to fund the climate crisis, warning “If you don’t move your money out of fossil fuels, we will move our money out of your banks”. The event was one of many held around the nation, initiated by Third Act of Puget Sound, TAPS.

The rally began with speeches including PSARA Bobbi Righi reminding us of childhood advice to ”leave this place better than we found it”. Then, Stop the Money Pipeline organizer Alec Connon urging us to call WA State Treasurer, Mike Pellicciotti, to urge our state pension fund to vote for climate justice and Indigenous rights at the annual shareholder meetings of big banks this spring. Office of the State Treasurer: (360)-902-9000

The program included singalong songs “Do it now”, “Warning Bells”, and ”We’re gonna roll” led by the Seattle Labor Chorus and Raging Grannies and a “tap” dance in honor of the lead group, Third Act of Puget Sound, TAPS.

Immediately following the rally, folks marched up Broadway, making visits to Wells Fargo Bank, Chase Bank, and Bank of America with signs, chants and songs. At each bank they cut up credit cards, actually and symbolically, to close accounts and delivery pledges to do so, signed by tens of thousands of bank customers around the country.

Later, on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd, TAPS gathered at the Columbia City PCC with signs and flyers to ask neighbors to more their money from the biggest fossil fueling banks..

Third Act Puget Sound (TAPS) is partnering locally with Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA), Stop the Money Pipeline, 350 Seattle, and 350 Eastside any may join the PTFGND Coalition as well.