Message from SDOT, Seattle Department of Transportation:

Starting Friday, December 18 thru January 3, one mile of the northern portion of Lake Washington Blvd from Mt. Baker Park to Stan Sayres Park opens to people walking, rolling, and biking and closes to people driving. Barricades will be removed on Monday, January 4. During the week of December 14, electronic message signs are up in up to 3 locations prior to alert people driving of the upcoming temporary change.

As COVID-19 cases increase rapidly across the United States and we wait for increased vaccine availability, the safest way to celebrate holidays and school break is at home with people who live with you. Staying at home helps flatten the curve reducing demand on our hospitals and essential workers. Changing plans and leaving traditions behind is tough, and we hope adding space to recreate while keeping 6-feet apart makes this time a little less challenging.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Stay Healthy Streets on your block, request a Stay Healthy Block permit and enjoy up to 20 hours a week of open streets. Read our guidelines to learn more.

Read our November update to learn more about what we heard during the three-month closure last summer, what to expect in the near-term, and how any permanent operations changes would be addressed.
Be well- SDOT Staff