Wildfires in California, E. Washington and Canada. The worst, hot air ever here this month.
The smoke has cleared, but many of us are still checking the air quality index, worried that we will face more smoky days this summer.
We were warned to shut our windows, keep our children indoors, and cancel outdoor events.
And even though our air quality has improved over the last day, we are warned to expect even worse smoke from fires next summer and from now on.
No. This is not acceptable.
Let’s ask: What can we and our leaders do to prevent, contain and recover from these wild fires and their toxic smoke?
It’s time to reprioritize our federal policies and spending.
It’s time to reappropriate our public resources to defend us from the real threats of climate chaos, floods, fires and mega-storms.
Join us as we share our questions and solutions with each other and send them to our elected representatives. Please check our events calendar to find out more about SSCAN’s upcoming meetings, movies and action teams.
Keep it up!