Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), now you may be able to switch your home from oil or gas to electric heat pump!
Have you hear about the City of Seattle and Federal incentives to help pay for it?
SSCN leaders are researching the options and plan to share info in future newsletters and at future meetings.
For now, here are some resources and info:
Rewiring America’s IRA calculator:
City of Seattle oil to heat pump incentive:
David Robert’s podcast with lots of details about the different parts of the IRA:
There will be a $2000 Federal incentive to install a heat pump, we’re not sure whether the $1500 city incentive will be on top of that or not.
Typical sized houses (1500-2000 sf) should expect to pay $15,000 to get a new heat pump(s) installed.
People should ask for “cold climate” heat pumps.
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