Urgent message from the 350 Seattle Climate Action Team:

We’re just days away from the start of the 2020 legislative session and Senate Democrats are caucusing Tuesday to decide which bills will move first in the short and fast-paced session.

Can you call and write Senate leadership and urge them to prioritize these bills?

SB 5322, Ban on Suction Dredge Mining to Protect Salmon Habitat
SB 5323, Plastic Bag Ban
SB 5811, Zero Emission Vehicles
SB 5812, Accessory Dwelling Units
SB 5947, Sustainable Farms and Fields
Greenhouse Gas Limits, Sen. Mona Das, sponsor

Please call and write:

Senate President Andy Billig – (509) 209 – 2427 – Andy.Billig@leg.wa.gov
Floor Majority Leader Sen. Marko Liias – (360) 786-7640 – Marko.Liias@leg.wa.gov
Is your Senator a Democrat? Let them know too! Look them up here.

The numbered bills passed the Senate last session and are ready to be sent to the House. The GHG bill updates state targets to match current science — let’s make sure it gets an early start so it can pass this session. More about the bills here.
Next, can you call and write House leadership and urge them to make these bills a priority?

HB 1110, Clean Fuels Standard
HB 1793, Don’t Block the Box
HB 1847, Aircraft Noise Abatement
HB 1597, Upstream Methane Emissions
Buy Clean, Buy Fair, Rep. Beth Doglio, sponsor

Please call and write:

Speaker-designate Rep. Laurie Jinkins – (253) 593 – 2033 – Laurie.Jinkins@leg.wa.gov
Floor Majority Leader Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier – (360) 690 – 4700 – Monica.Stonier@leg.wa.gov
Are your Representatives Democrats? Let them know too! Look them up here.

While the House isn’t caucusing next week, now is the ideal time to let our Reps know that we expect action on climate. The first four bills have already passed the House, so they’re ready to send to Senate. “Buy Clean” is significant for reducing emissions from the manufacture of building materials. It deserves a strong start!

This post is from 350 Seattle Climate Action Team. SSCAN has not taken a position on some of these because we prioritize based on members be willing to take the lead on working for a bill. However, as a network, we appreciate these suggestions and leadership.