Sample Letter to our Senators to support the THRIVE Resolution

Dear Senator Murray or Cantwell:


With the climate crisis continuing to intensify, the economy entering a deep recession, and the need for racial justice and healing being felt as acutely as ever, the case for Green New Deal-style policymaking is stronger than ever before. In order to achieve this, we need to start laying the groundwork for a 2021 COVID recovery package that recognizes that the way out of this crisis is to restructure our society to truly value the dignity of all people and our planet.


The South Seattle Climate Action Network, along with other leaders of The Pass the Green New Deal Coalition, believe that the THRIVE resolution,  to Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy, is our road map to a just recovery that will put millions of people back to work building an economy that prioritizes climate, racial, and economic justice. Like the Green New Deal, the THRIVE Agenda will help us build a society that fosters justice, not crisis.


Introduced in both the House and the Senate, with 55 House sponsors, and 6 Senate sponsors, the THRIVE resolution is the result of months of collaboration between dozens of grassroots groups advocating for climate, economic, and racial justice. It proposes a just economic recovery plan that upholds eight pillars that center around — among other goals —  job creation, inequality, investing in frontline and indigenous communities, environmental justice, and climate action.


With you as a co-sponsor in the Senate, Washington will play an important role in moving the THRIVE resolution forward. Please reply with your commitments. Thank you.