Pass The Federal Green New Deal                                                                     December, 2022 News & Action Alert

Fund Green Climate; Block fossil fuels; Plan 2023

Dear Pass the Federal Green New Deal Coalition leaders

Good news! In spite of the endless barrage of pessimistic polls of a Red Wave, election results, both in our state and the nation, are far better than pundits predicted.  While we wait for final results, there is much Congress can do this year, and significant possibilities for climate positive policies in 2023, no matter which party controls Congress.

In December, Congress must vote on the FY 2023 budget. We need to demand that Congress funds green new deal (GND)-type climate funding such as the Green Climate Fund and blocks any new climate threats including continued attempts to force fast track fossil fuel projects into budget bills.

 Fund U.S. Fair Share of Green Climate Fund (GCF) Have you heard about COP 27, the Council of Parties (nations) 27th gathering in Egypt right now? As in past meetings, national leaders negotiate agreements to take action to prevent climate catastrophe, provide for losses and damages, and help developing nations mitigate and adapt to climate changes.  Developing countries have done the least to cause this climate crisis, yet they are often at the front lines of suffering. As in past years, their elected leaders are calling for funding for their losses, damages, mitigation and adaptation. Several developed nations have already agreed to these funds. Because it has been among the greatest historic emitters of greenhouse gasses, the U.S. shares this responsibility. Yet to date, the U.S. has lagged far behind other developed nations in providing financial support.

Speaking at the COP 27 meeting, our President Biden committed to U.S. funding now. At our recent Coalition meeting, we agreed to demand that Congress fund the “U.S. Fair Share of the Green Climate Fund” (GCF) in the upcoming budget. The GCF is an effective way to provide such essential assistance. Find out more here: (link to GCF)

To find out more about the COP 27 climate, financial, and human rights controversies: go to (add link to Bill’s post here)

Just say no, never to Senator Manchin’s dirty deal to fast track fossil fuels When Congress votes on the budget next month, Manchin and some Republicans have threatened to shut down our government unless their dirty deal is attached. In solidarity with our allies fighting fossil fuel projects around the country, let’s continue to tell Congress to just say no, never, no matter what to fast tracks or any tracks to new fossil fuel projects.

What’s next for 2023? Join us at our next meeting Tuesday, December 20th at noon on Zoom!

What’s next for 2023? How can we sustain momentum and build more power to win & protect GND policies and funding?  Protect and monitor the new IRA climate funding to be fairly invested   here? Fight for greener policies in the huge, consequential 2023-28 Farm Bill? Call for a Climate Peace Clause in future trade deals? Or? To find out more and help us plan, please join us at our next Coalition meeting, Tuesday, Dec.20th at noon on Zoom:

Thank you for reading, speaking up, and persisting in our movements for a green new deal, climate justice and beyond, please keep it up. Please forward this message to your other groups, family and friends who are looking for ways to learn and act.

In Solidarity,

Beth, Bill, Cortney, Outreach Team

Pass the Federal Green New Deal Coalition (link)