Free Your Home from Plastic

Looking back, it’s impossible to believe that nearly 20 years have passed since the turn of the new millennium.
On New Year’s Eve 1999 I vividly remember my one big resolution: to rid our house of plastic!
Almost 20 years later I still have not totally attained that goal. But we are making progress.

We have NO MORE time left to fritter away.

We grew up in 50’s & 60’s with NO plastic in our lives. It’s not rocket science to conceive that we could so very
easily return to that state of affairs – with some concerted effort. Think about it. Ask your parents, grandparents,
aunts and uncles what they remember about it all.
It is despicable that plastic has invaded almost every aspect of our lives and most of us have not even noticed it.
We highly recommend the book Life Without Plastic by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha

What we have accomplished so far at our house:-
Left-overs go into glass bottles or bowls with saucer on top.
No more microwaveable fast food.
Take our own re-usable container to restaurants and save our leftovers in our own “doggy bag”.
Switched to using bar shampoo in our house – not bottles of shampoo.
Use dishrags and natural scrubbers in the kitchen
Make our own toothpaste (recipes online)
Bring canvass bags for carrying shopping home.
Bring our own glass containers to refill bulk items at the grocery store (make sure the cashier weighs the container before you fill)
Avoid bread sold in plastic bags
Stopped buying plastic wrap
Use compostable Ziploc bags for freezing
Use our own net bags or compostable plastic bags in produce department for fruit & veg

Please join us and good luck!

Sue & Merv Montacute