Tell our banks: Cut it out or we cut it up!

Bank on our future, stop funding fossil fuels!

It’s time that our banks stop risking our hard-earned savings on destructive fossil fuel projects instead of investing in safe, clean, green ways to protect, sustain and renew our environment.

Join us for as part of a National Day of Action to Stop Dirty Banks on Tuesday, March 21st to tell our banks: “Cut if out or we cut it up” Together with other climate protectors to rally, march and protests here and everywhere.

In the Seattle area, we’ll meet you at noon on Broadway East & E. Thomas, by the Capitol Hill light rail station. Hosted locally by Third Act Puget Sound, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, Stop the Money Pipeline, and our Coalition.

To register for the local March 21st event: click link here Stop Dirty Banking in Puget Sound! · Third Act Initiative, Inc. (

To help our Pass the Federal Green New Deal Coalition plan our participation in this and future actions, please join our next meeting, on Tues. March 14th at noon on Zoom or sign up on our website,

Remember: What you do matters! Do something right now, and every day!  Let’s do it together!