What are our priorities for state legislative climate action next year?      Join our Climate Action Meetup: Thursday, Dec. 10th at 6 pm    (photo of state capital?)


Our state legislature will convene on Mon. Jan. 11th 2021. At our upcoming action meeting, John Stafford and others will lead us in a discussion of our priorities and action plan. Our decision will be based on your, our members,  priorities as well as our climate partners including the 37th Legislative District Environmental and Climate Caucus which has developed a list of 2021 legislative priorities.  Please read, bring your questions to help us decide.   http://www.southseattleclimate.org/2021-state-legislative-priorities/

Our meeting will include updates from local action SSCAN decided to support including:

the “15 minute neighborhood”  Why We Need 15-Minute Communities (list-manage.com)

a new Tree Protection Ordinance Protect our Trees: new ordinance for Urban Forests – South Seattle Climate Action Network 

and a Heat Pump Rebate programs   http://www.southseattleclimate.org/heat-pump-rebate…ction-first-hill/

If you have other requests for action, please send them to us at admin@southseattleclimate.org