Save the Date!  Thursday January 27th at 7PM. 

Join here on Zoom:

Join Mt Baker and West Seattle Meaningful Movies for a community conversation on Zoom about the movies Insect Apocalypse and Why Lawns Must Die.  We will also be joined by Erica Guttman of the Native Plant Salvage Foundation,  a non-profit organization that also supports the habitat & water programs of WSU Extension.  She will share tips on how to get rid of your grass, and suggestions for Waterwise plant options.  After her presentation, we will have a panel of local NW plant enthusiasts to answer questions.

INSECT APOCALYPSE tells of the alarming decline in insect populations that has been happening over the last 50 years.   It delves into what is causing it and how we can make a difference by planting native plants in our gardens.  The video features the renowned entomologist Doug Tallamy whose books include Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope.

WHY LAWNS MUST DIE takes a look at the grass lawn’s history of class exploitation and settler colonialism and how that ties into the American lawn culture we see today. Also, the turfgrass lawn has a huge environmental impact. It’s the biggest crop in the United States by area and requires a massive amount of fossil fuels, fertilizer, and chemicals to upkeep. Ultimately, the grass lawn is exacerbating climate change and the climate crisis.