Join Mt Baker Meaningful Movies on November 18th at 6PM for a community conversation on Zoom about the movie, Orchestrating Change, as well as for a discussion about mental illness and the challenges that we are all facing during these challenging times. Here is a direct link to our event on Zoom:

For this event, we are asking people to watch the movie, Orchestrating Change, (or youtube videos about the orchestra and its mission) ahead of our event. This film is available via the PBS Passport Program. You can also rent the movie via Vimeo:

THE STORY: Orchestrating Change tells the inspiring story of the only orchestra in the world created by and for people living with mental illness and those who support them. The mission of Me2/Orchestra is to erase mental health stigma one concert at a time.

If you do not want to rent the video but would still like to learn about the Me 2/Orchestra and participate in our Meaningful Movies community conversation, below are several free videos that you can watch on You Tube as well as a description of the Orchestrating Change movie.

You Tube Videos about the Me2/ Orchestra: