Meaningful Movies: 9 to 5: The Story of a Movement

Thursday, Jan. 28th at Movie 6:00 pm; Panel discussion: 7:30 pm

When Dolly Parton sang “9 to 5”,  she was doing more than just shining a light on the professional fate of American women. Parton was singing the autobiographical tale of a movement that started with 9to5, a group of Boston secretaries in the early 1970s. Their goals were simple—better pay, more advancement opportunities and an end to sexual harassment—but their unconventional approach attracted the press and shamed their bosses into change. Featuring interviews with 9to5’s founders, as well as actor and activist Jane Fonda, 9 to5: The Story of a Movement is the previously untold story of the fight that inspired a hit and changed the American workplace.

After the movie, leaders from SEIU Local 925 and others will share stories of recent, local challenges, victories and how we can help these essential workers win safer workplaces, with fair compensation and benefits including child care.

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“9 to 5: The Story of a Movement” will premiere on PBS  on Feb 1, 2021.


Special Guests: Moderator: Karen Hart, President of SEIU 925; Panelists: Mary Curry, SEIU 925 member and Family Child Care chapter president; Alice Lazzar-Atwood, SEIU 925 member at the UW’s Institute for Health Metrics (IHME); Hana Thier, DiscoTech organizer

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