Invisible Hand is the world’s first documentary film on the Rights of Nature Movement. Executive Producer, Mark Ruffalo, states “You hear time and time again that a corporation has the rights of a person. The idea that Nature has no rights whatsoever is absurd.”

This “paradigm shifting” story raises questions about the fate of capitalism and democracy and asks us all to consider the perspective of “Who speaks for Nature?” Invisible Hand documents front line communities that are providing a blueprint forward.

This film will inspire us all to become a nation of communities working to create the systemic changes that are needed to protect the fragile ecosystem we inhabit.

This screening is co-hosted by Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies and East Shore’s Climate Action Team.

Please join Meaningful Movies Bellevue and Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies for this award-winning film and speaker.

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Special Guests: Speaker and discussoion

Sponsors: co-hosted Bellevue Meaningful Movies  Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies East Shore’s Climate Action Team.

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