Please join us for an empowering conversation about the state of our climate and how we can cultivate hope so that we can work to protect and restore our planet. We will meet at the Beacon Hill Library in South Seattle at 6pm on August 30.

As we suffer unprecedented heat waves, ferocious fires, and chaotic storms, we feel even more outraged and impatient for effective action to address these challenges.

Fortunately,  powerful revelations and inspiring opportunities are also more available than ever.

Seattle Volume 45, Number 14 of the International Examiner has a series of excellent articles on the state of our climate and the impacts of global warming on communities of color and their leadership on action for climate recovery. There is exciting news about the work being done to support Initiative 1631.

On Aug. 1st, the New York Times devoted their entire magazine to revealing how close we were to preventing climate devastation in the 1970s and 80s; and how those dreams were crushed by Exxon and other fossil fuel companies that decided to embark on a disinformation campaign rather than committing to renewable energy.

On August 22nd, Truthout published a response to the NY Times article with another article entitled “Writing A New Chapter, Not An Obituary For Our Planet,” which speaks about action as a way to choose hope.

“A Green New Deal in the Evergreen State”, in the latest Nation magazine, Aug. 13/20, lauds our Initiative 1631 as a national model of hope and community-based solutions.

On Thursday, Aug. 30 at 6 pm at the Beacon Hill Library, we will gather to discuss these articles and how they will help us advocate for 1631 and other corporate and legislative proposals. Please bring your own stories and articles of interest from other news sources (Yes Magazine, The Guardian, etc.) so that we can be prepared to talk to people about the potential for renewable energy.

We, at SSCAN, know that taking action is a way for us to choose hope. We want to be able to tell our friends, family and children that we are working to try and preserve a habitable planet. We do this with love and we do this in community because we know that in hard times, we need to laugh and hold our hopes and fears together.