At our May Action meeting, 350 Seattle Anti-War working group presented their research about the harm of war on the environment and climate. Mary P and Christa E. shared Powerpoint slides. If you would like to learn more or invite them to speak to your group, please contact us at

Here is more background information about the current lack of accountability for military impact on our environment:

Late last year, President Biden signed an ambitious executive order requiring the federal government to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. But this plan has a critical weakness: The president’s order exempts ANY emissions related to national security, combat, intelligence or military training — well over half of the U.S. government’s output.

We can no longer ignore the fact that weapons and war require massive amounts of fossil fuel. The Pentagon’s privilege to pollute leaves the United States unable to accurately account for the harm it does to the planet AND hamstrung in its efforts to address the climate crisis.

There’s no such thing as an eco-friendly war machine. Here’s where we remind you that the U.S. military is the world’s largest institutional consumer of petroleum. In one hour alone, the F-35A fighter jet can burn gallons of fuel by the thousands, and those gallons add up. This year, the Defense Department is expected to burn through 82.3m barrels of fuel — more than the total oil consumption of Finland. [1]

And there’s little indication that anything will change. The most recent Pentagon sustainability plan — nearly two years old now — has no decarbonization targets at all.

This week’s IPCC report makes clear a future of inaction will be increasingly bleak: “Major cities under water. Unprecedented heatwaves. Terrifying storms. Widespread water shortages. The extinction of a million species of plants and animals.” [3]

We just celebrated Earth Day. But for just as long as this holiday has been on the calendar, the Pentagon has avoided audits and accountability.

Climate change requires more than a military-grade greenwash. It’s time for the era of an untouchable Pentagon to end.