Today’s a big day! The Community Forest Consensus has been finalized!
Please share! Either of these links is good to forward to your networks:
Creating and finalizing this document is an accomplishment and I thank all from the bottom of my heart for taking part in that.
We’re starting off strong with 8 organizational signers. Community Visions of Burien signed on yesterday. I’m hoping we have 1 or 2 more organizations by March 8th when I plan to publish who has signed. I’ll also be working between now and then to ask more individuals to sign. And to write a media advisory for the local blogs.
The Port meetings of March 8th and March 22nd may be turning points for the development inside the park. Is anyone available to join me in speaking at either of those meetings? Please reply to Noemie if you are interested. 
The reason these dates are important is that the Port-conducted inventory of this part of the park is due to be completed in mid-March. (Here’s an article on the inventory: The response of the Port may be that there’s so much ivy here, clearly the best use is commercial development.