Please read this message from our South Seattle environmental justice leaders at Got Green, then sign the petition:

Emergency Justice In Response to COVID-19

As an environmental justice organization based in working-class communities of color in South Seattle, Got Green demands that Governor Jay Inslee as well as county officials and Mayors across WA State to use your emergency powers to address the COVID-19 pandemic in the following ways:

Health Justice: Testing, treatment, and healthcare that is free, accessible, and has dignity for patients, medical workers, and surrounding communities. And an expansion of multilingual health education.

Suspend Housing Payments: Moratorium on rent, mortgage, and utility payments. Emergency housing that is stable and healthy is available to all that need it.

Cash Assistance: As we support expansion of (and oppose cuts to) Medicaid, Unemployment, Disability, SNAP & Fresh Bucks, right now we call for universal cash assistance — $2k/month per person without means-testing, restrictions, and needless red-tape & administration costs.

Childcare for Emergency Workers: Free childcare that is safe and just for all emergency workers – including (but not limited to): medical & public health, all food workers (grocery, agriculture, restaurant), custodians, sanitation, transit, warehouse, delivery, domestic work, childcare, elder care, firefighters & (non-punitive) first responders, production of ventilators, masks & sanitizer, and more.

Safety Outside the System: Suspension of ticketing, sweeps, arrests, immigration raids, and deportations. Complete decarceration of jails, prisons, and detention centers. As an immediate step, there must be immediate and dignified healthcare, health products, and health practices in all detention facilities. Lastly, all emergency benefits made available to all regardless of status.

Tax Justice: The pandemic will continue to severely impact governmental budgets statewide. Instead of austerity belt-tightening, we need a progressive tax on big businesses to fund immediate relief and future investment in an economically and ecologically just social safety net.

Post Pandemic: In the aftermath of the economic devastation of the pandemic, we call for economic and ecological stability via deep green investment to eradicate climate pollution while expanding unionized green jobs, green social housing, free public transit, and localized healthy food systems.


Further Information:

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