South Seattle Climate Action leaders are coordinating free Circles of Grief, Hope, and Resilience for small groups. If you are interested in bringing this offering to a group you belong to, email   Please also fill out this interest form 

These Circles are an opportunity to come together with others in deep listening and shared intention to create a place of safety and support. In the safe space of the circle, you are invited to explore how you are feeling in these times of environmental and political crisis, and with the support of the circle to connect to your deepest self and emerge with a new understanding about your path forward. In community, uncover seeds of hope and resilience that lie within, or create new ones.

These circles are freely offered to small groups. Each circle lasts 3 hours, and will be for a unique group of people. In order to make sure everyone has time for speaking and listening from their heart, each circle will be limited to 20 people. Participants need to be able to attend for the full 3 hours. If you are interested in organizing a Circle for your book club, church group, colleagues or friends, contact

After the first Circle, one participant commented, “Immediately following the Circle, I experienced a sense of lightness and possibility. Exploring my thoughts and emotions and doing this in community was a wonderful feeling. It really helped to lighten the burden and also gave me a renewed sense of agency. I realized that the heavy emotions that are not explored and are pushed aside can really weigh you down.”