Two days of dramatic actions against Chase: Divest from fossil fuels!  by Jim Bernthal
Last week, over 200 climate justice activists in Seattle let JPMorgan Chase know, loud and clear, that bankrolling the climate crisis will come at a cost to its bottom line, as well as to the planet.

On Wednesday, Feb. 19, the activists helped turn the streets outside of Chase bank’s regional headquarters into a block party — with music, arts, banners, and a replica Chase branch – complete with an oil pipeline spewing “oil” (it was really coffee!).
The following day, Feb. 20, 28 people were arrested for carrying out a grief ceremony inside a downtown Chase branch nearby, refusing to leave until Chase agrees to divest from all fossil fuel funding.
These two bold actions helped shine a light on Chase’s central role in the climate crisis. And they sent a direct message to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, and other Chase leadership that there will be consequences for their support of the fossil fuel industry.
As the protesters were taking action on the streets, so many people called Jamie Dimon’s office that they switched their phones off. So protesters and lots of Seattleites started to call Chase’s customer service line instead. And so many people called that number that they shut that one down too. We think they got the message.
Last week’s actions come at a time when ever-more attention is being paid to Wall Street’s bankrolling of the climate crisis. In the last few days, major pieces in Rolling Stone and the Financial Times make it clear that the world is catching on to the fact that JPMorgan Chase is as culpable for the climate crisis as Exxon or Chevron. With actions like those right here in Seattle last week, that culpability is even clearer.
You can also help by making a donation to support the legal fees for the 28 people arrested for holding JPMorgan Chase accountable last week.

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