How Cascadia can fight climate change in 2022 — and get back on track,

In a recent Crosscut article, the authors outline concrete climate policy actions that Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia can take in 2022. Successfully meeting our carbon emission reduction goals by 2030 will require coordination among these three entities that make up Cascadia.

With the increasing emphasis on electrically powered cars, the need for a strengthened power grid is paramount. Coordination of renewable energy surpluses and backup energy supplies throughout Cascadia and across the West is crucial. “One solution within reach for 2022,” according to the authors, “is completing rules for enhanced energy sharing across the West, including an expanded voluntary market for Cascadia’s utilities to trade power.”

The article recommends 25 other climate actions for 2022, including cost-effective solar energy installations on flat commercial rooftops, over parking lots and along highway, making all homes and businesses eligible for rebates on high-efficiency electric appliances, and reducing subsidies for installation of natural gas appliances.

The article is based on research by InvestigateWest