Parents and adults… can you please pass this message on to your kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews and friends?

This is a message to all of you kids out there, who are concerned about our environment. On October 7, 2017, Climate Change For Families will be offering a free workshop for kids, ages  8 – 14, that will provide training about how to become a climate justice ambassador! Did you know that currently, there are 63,000 youth Climate Justice Ambassadors in over 130 countries who are taking meaningful action to address climate change? During this FREE academy, you will learn about the causes of our global climate crisis and what this means for people both here in Seattle and in other parts of the world; you will learn about climate justice and how vulnerable peoples are first and worst impacted by climate change; and you will learn how to take meaningful action to try and mitigate and solve this crisis by planting trees, working with legislators, testifying at hearings, and more.  You will also learn important speaking skills and how to best communicate with friends, school, media and government officials. Finally, if you join this club, you will be able to attend fun monthly meetings, planting events and  nature outings; and they will do activism, music, and art!

And for all of you parents… there is a free parent workshop, as well.  Need more information? Click on the Flyer link below.

P4TP Academy 10-7-17 Flyer1

And here is a link to a flyer about the upcoming Arbor Day event that Plant for the Planet kids are involved in…

Arbor Day Poster#3web

Still need more info? Read this blog post by 13 year old Grace Rivkis about Plant for the Planet…