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Pass The Federal Green New Deal!

  • May 21, 2020
  • sscanaccount

From the Pass the FederalGND Coalition: We sent the attached letters to congressional reps and the two senators this week.  I... Continue Reading

Growing Love at the Plum Street Pea Patch and Poetry Post! – By Tese Wintz Neighbor

  • May 18, 2020
  • sscanaccount

A Covid-19 Victory Garden or Community Giving Garden idea came about two months ago when I ran into Anne Miller on... Continue Reading

FAIR VOTING: We will fight voter suppression!

  • May 6, 2020
  • sscanaccount

There are many ways we can support efforts to curb/block voter suppression through all of the below organizations. Please volunteer in... Continue Reading

SSCAN Letter to Mayor Durkan: Safe Streets Now

  • April 22, 2020
  • bethbrunton

Safe Streets: Letter to Mayor Jenny Durkan Thank you for launching the Stay Healthy Streets program, which initially closes 2.5 miles... Continue Reading

Covid-19: Demand Justice and Community Resources by Got Green

  • March 24, 2020
  • bethbrunton

Please read this message from our South Seattle environmental justice leaders at Got Green, then sign the petition: Emergency Justice In... Continue Reading

WA State Legislature: 2020 Climate Bills: What passed? failed?

  • March 11, 2020
  • bethbrunton

From CAT: Climate Action Team,  2020 Session, the passed and the failed: The Civic Action Team emails featured 32 bills,... Continue Reading

Chase Bank: Divest from Fossil Fuels! 2 days of action by Jim Bernthal

  • February 26, 2020
  • bethbrunton

Two days of dramatic actions against Chase: Divest from fossil fuels!  by Jim Bernthal Last week, over 200 climate justice activists... Continue Reading

Time to act: Census 2020

  • bethbrunton

Please help with the Census 2020: Message from the Faith Action Network: The launch of Census 2020 is just around the... Continue Reading

The Struggle to Electrify Transportation By Andrew Kidde

  • February 12, 2020
  • sscanaccount

Electrifying transportation seems everywhere…  Seattle City Light just launched its Transportation Electrification Plan. Yesterday I attended a hearing on a bill... Continue Reading


  • sscanaccount

RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF CLIMATE CHANGE BILLS PASSES 37TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATS A Resolution in support of two important state-level climate change... Continue Reading