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GND Now: Sample letter for Federal THRIVE Resolution

  • September 28, 2020
  • noemie1

Sample Letter to our Senators to support the THRIVE Resolution Dear Senator Murray or Cantwell:   With the climate crisis continuing... Continue Reading

Want transit? Vote for Seattle Transportation Proposition #1

  • noemie1

Transit allies recommend: Vote Yes on Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1:               “This summer the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to... Continue Reading

Sign State Resilient Future Petition

  • noemie1

What is the State Resilient Future Petition? Whether we’re white or Black, rich or poor, Indigenous or newcomer, we all want... Continue Reading

Plum Street During the Time of Covid

  • September 22, 2020
  • sscanaccount

Just when you think nothing more can fit on the parking strip at the corner of South Plum and 32nd Avenue... Continue Reading

Write letters to our elected reps now: Sept. 2020

  • September 8, 2020
  • noemie1

Send letters to our City Council members (CM)… Thank them for their courageous leadership: creating car-free streets, voting for tax justice,... Continue Reading

Why write letters to our elected representatives?

  • noemie1

Why write letters? Because it’s good for you, for the receiver, and for our public postal service 1. It’s good for... Continue Reading

Reduce Commercial Building GHG Emissions

  • August 12, 2020
  • sscanaccount

Opportunity to Reduce Commercial Building GHG emissions may be Lost in Rule Making. Comments directed to the State Department of Commerce... Continue Reading

Jump start Seattle’s just economic recovery

  • August 5, 2020
  • noemie1

Have you heard about the City Council proposal to Jump Start Seattle for a more just economy? Here is a letter... Continue Reading

Solutionary Rail in a Time of Pandemic – By Bill Moyer and the Backbone Campaign

  • July 23, 2020
  • sscanaccount

A Message From the Backbone Campaign: Solutionary Rail is a grassroots campaign to electrify US railroads and open rail corridors for... Continue Reading

Fixing “Food Deserts” Will Save Us All – By Andrew Kidde

  • July 22, 2020
  • sscanaccount

Seattle residents live in all kinds of “deserts” — food deserts, child care deserts, job deserts, and affordable housing deserts. These... Continue Reading