The Inflation Reduction Act provides money for everyone to cut fossil fuels out of their lifestyle.

For homeowners:

  1. $2000 Heat pump tax credit
  2. 30% Investment Tax Credit for Solar, Wind, and Batteries until 2033
  3. $7500 EV point of sale rebate based on domestic content

Nicole Kelner shows the main savings to expect beautifully in this image;

The $8,000 discount for heat pumps for low income folks will run out quickly.  Washington state will get ~$100M over the next 10 years.  Sounds like a lot, but that’s only 10,000 homes in Washington.

Rewiring America (who wrote large parts of the IRA) put together a home electrification guide, a guide to the IRA, and an IRA calculator that will tell you how much money you can expect.

Electrify Now is a group of Portland engineers who have put together great resources for how to electrify your house.  Their YouTube channel of webinars is a great source of information (love the induction stove webinar, but they get a little too excited about heat pump hot water heaters).  Their webinar on the IRA includes a speaker from Rewiring America who goes into detail out the IRA tax credits and two Mitsubishi salesmen who describe some impressive heat pump performance and the IRA’s heat pump incentives.

The IRS updates a webpage about how the tax credits will work.

Clean and Prosperous Washington held a webinar that focused on the impact of the IRA on the state.  A couple of new battery factories have opened recently.

Rocky Mountain Institute has a guide to electrify your home.