Dear Port Commissioner Calkins,
I am writing today, on behalf of the leadership team at South Seattle Climate Action Network, to express concerns about the planned expansion of the Port of Seattle; the negative health impacts that will have on the surrounding communities; and the myth that biofuels will somehow make expanded airplane service sustainable.
Currently, the planned expansion of the Port includes commercial development that would destroy an estimated 100+ acres of forest in SeaTac – 30 of which are within the North SeaTac Park which local residents have been fighting to protect. Given the unequal effects of pollution that residents close to SeaTac already suffer, and given the limited greenspace in the area,  destroying trees which residents depend on for their health and mental well-being, is unjust and immoral. The Port of Seattle cannot condone increased health burdens for residents in SeaTac or elsewhere.
In addition, expansion of air service with the resultant noise, air pollution, and increased greenhouse gas emissions, is dangerous.  Especially when we consider that our world is in a climate crisis that is precipitating record breaking heat waves, storms and wildfires. The Port of Seattle should rethink its current mission statement and should not be encouraging increased travel. Instead, the heart of the Port’s mission should be to protect the health and welfare of all the citizens in Washington as well as peoples around the world.
Finally, there is a myth that is being put forward that biofuels will somehow make air travel sustainable. Please read the attached “Greenwashing Fact Sheet” which details the problems inherent in biofuels. The only way to effectively reduce aviation emissions is to reduce air travel. As such, plans to increase air travel will only increase the risk of increased noise, air and greenhouse gas pollution which is unconscionable.
Anne Miller
Outreach Committee
South Seattle Climate Action Network