Hi Friends and Family,

By now you have received your ballots in the mail and it’s time to vote!

I am writing to ask you to please vote YES on Initiative 1631. This is an incredibly important initiative that will put a fee on the largest polluters in Washington State and invest that money back into clean energy infrastructure like solar and wind; protecting our forests; cleaning up pollution in our rivers, lakes and streams; and supporting the communities that have been the most negatively impacted by those polluters. This Initiative is supported by a huge coalition of businesses and organizations (the largest in state history) that are working hard to protect Washington State communities. It is opposed by the fossil fuel industry.

I trust Initiative 1631 supporters such as The League of Women Voters, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, American Lung Association, The Sierra Club, Faith Action Network, The American College of Physicians, Audubon, The Natural Resources Defense Counsel, One America, Community Alliance for Global Justice, and Union of Concerned Scientists to support the health and welfare of my family and community.

I do not trust the groups opposing Initiative 1631 such as The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, Chevron, BP, and Koch Industries.

The Oil Industry has known for a long time about the environmental damage that it causes and time and again they have blocked our paths to solutions and knowingly made this crisis worse. It is time for us to do something! With 1631 on the ballot, we have a historic opportunity to move towards clean energy solutions and away from polluting fossil fuels. Right now is the time to talk to friends and neighbors about Initiative 1631 and connect the dots between our environmental problems and real solutions that go to the roots of those problems.

Please vote yes and send in your ballot today. And if you are inspired, please send a letter to your friends and family asking that they also support Initiative 1631!



P.S. Here’s an awesome movie and book about the fossil fuel industry’s decades-long campaign to sell doubt about the dangers of fossil fuels and undermine solutions.

AND here’s a recent editorial in the Seattle Times.

And… The No On 1631 campaign officially has became the most expensive ballot campaign in state history at $25.87 Million and counting. They have started paid canvasses all over the state. They have been spotted doorknocking and spreading misinformation in Whatcom, Seattle, and Clark County. They have unlimited money so the only way we’ll beat them is with people power. If you want to volunteer, you can sign up here.

Want to write your own letter? Feel free to copy and paste if that helps.