The Mt Baker Meaningful Movies Group, SSCAN and the Meaningful Movies Project have been invited by the Northwest African American Museum to help organize a Movie Marathon in Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. See below for details. lease contact if you would like to assist with this project.
NAAM is bringing Dr. King’s eldest son, Martin Luther King, III here to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Dr. King’s 1961 visit to Seattle. The event is called MLK60 and you can learn about it here.  As part of this three-day commemoration, NAAM would like to have a Movie Marathon in Tribute to Dr. King so people can learn about King by watching films about him and the civil rights movement right from the comfort and safety of their homes.  Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies has been invited  to partner on this?
NAAM has proposed two days of films streamed online about Dr. King, Saturday and Sunday both from 5pm to 9pm each evening with a chat box for people to chat about the film as they watch it (NAAM has volunteers to manage the chat box). Mt Baker Meaningful Movies has been invited to help curate, secure, and stream the films with us for this educational activity. So far, we have confirmed that we have the rights to screen King in the Wilderness by the Kundhart Film Foundation which is also excited to partner on this event. 
Please contact if you would like to assist with this project.